As an entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer, with the support of his investment professionals, is in close contact with the market, always on the lookout for promising business models. In line with this strategy he founds companies or participates in enterprises through the Maschmeyer Group.

The internet, technology, health, renewable energies and clean-tech sectors are the industries and growth markets of the future. In Alternative Strategic Investment GmbH (ALSTIN) the Maschmeyer Group has its own investment company, which participates in enterprises within these sectors in the form of minority and majority shareholdings.

The focus of Paladin Asset Management Investment AG, the group’s own asset management company, is on identifying enterprises which are undervalued on the stock market. With long-term share investments it aims at sustainable value growth.

In addition the Maschmeyer Group supports major corporations at the domestic and international level, in particular banks and insurance companies, in the identification, analysis and further development of their marketing and sales strategies.

“There are no good enterprises, only good entrepreneurs.

Carsten Maschmeyer